Shortwork Photography

Jay Short is a well known commercial photographer who has clients all over the UK including well-known names such as Dyson, Mitsubishi Motors, Telegraph, Whatley Manor.
As well as conventional photography he also is a Virtual Tours specialist creating 360ยบ Google Street View tours and bespoke Virtual Tours for websites.

Lots of media & information

There is a lot to Shortwork's services, from details of how a photoshoot works to showcasing all the services offered as well as showing real work examples.
We decided to reduce the content down its essence and carefully break it up into specific pages and layouts making it easy for a site user to digest without being overwhelmed.

Fast Video

Shortwork had many presentation videos that were high definition. As such we integrated a video player that links with Vimeo Pro to serve up these videos. The result is very fast loading videos that do not compromise on quality.


Hands-on Editing

It was imperative that the client was able to regularly and quickly update the website themselves as they are constantly creating new content.
As such, we built the site to allow for simple and easy to use galleries that the client can upload and arrange images on in a few minutes. Nothing technical is needed from the client, just a few clicks.


"Duncan worked closely with me to create my ideal website. His expertise, professionalism and ability to translate my ideas into reality were impressive"

Jay Short - Shortwork Photography